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Torch Paste

Torch Paste

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Create a scorched wood burned design with this easy to use wood burning paste. All you need with this product is a piece of wood, a stencil and a heat gun. Super easy!

Torch Paste is specially formulated to minimize leaks when used with reusable or one-time use stencils, and can be used on wood, cardboard, MDF, cardstock & denim.

Quick Guide - How to use Torch Paste:

  • When using on wood, sand your surface first (220 grit)
  • Add your stencil and burnish well to so it adheres strongly
  • Apply a THIN layer of Torch Paste with a small brush, scraping off excess and returning to jar
  • Remove stencil - allow Torch Paste to absorb for 2-3 mins
  • Use a high powered heat gun (1000w – 400°)
  • Move the heat gun over the design until the design begins to burn; more heat equals a darker burn. Do not to leave the heat gun in one spot too long
  • Allow the surface to cool and wipe away any debris with a clean, soft cloth

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