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Adhesive Vinyl - Sticker Stuck - Pattern

Adhesive Vinyl - Sticker Stuck - Pattern

Size: 30cm x 30cm

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Don’t limit your creations using plain-patterned vinyl! Creating personalized mugs, plastic cups or tumblers? Check out Sticker Stuck Pattern Adhesive Vinyl. This gorgeous set of vinyl will turn any craft project to a one-of-a-kind creation.

As always, our vinyl is easy to cut and weed. In addition, it is ultra-thin and soft, making it easy to transfer to any surface, whether flat or curved.



Waterproof, durable and dust resistant.

Colourful holographic effect with smooth, glossy finish.

Easy cutting and weeding of small letters and fine designs.

Easy transfer with zero sticky residue.


Size: 30cm Wide x 30cm Long

Thickness: ~0.1mm

Care Instructions

Warning: Remove protective film prior to cutting.

General settings below. Test cut is always recommended.

Explore Air 2

Custom setting - Vinyl

Pressure: 220

Maker 2

Premium Vinyl Holographic

Pressure: 180-185


Blade: 3

Speed: 4

Pressure: 20-30

Material: Vinyl

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Do you want your art projects to shine with a dazzling array of colors? Order Sticker Stuck Pattern Adhesive Vinyl which is soft, ultra-thin and extremely easy to cut and weed.

The holographic pattern shines in gorgeous colours that can quickly add life to any crafty project.